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Adega Eidos DO Rias Baixas

The owner used to sell his grapes to the local wineries and decided to make his own wines few years ago. He is based at the bottom of Salnes with vineyard facing south thus enjoying a micro-climate, warmer and dryer conditions than other sub-regions, the grapes achieve very high level of ripeness. Instead of the sometimes vegetal green notes of Albariño this displays a riesling like mineral ripe peach character.
Eidos, Contraparede, Veigas
Three cuvées following the same method are produced, the main difference being the origin of the vineyard and the age of the vines, blend of various plots for Eidos, 3 plots for Veigas and 1 plot for Contraaparede. The age of the vines average 50 years old.

-Vintage: 2008
-Production: bottles: 60000
-Grape varieties: Albariño