About us

Epicure is a personal challenge to represent some unique wine projects from Spain. These wineries are principally new to the market but with very competent winemakers notably Raül Bobet who spent 15 years as a chief winemaker for Torres, Dominique Roujou de Boubée a talented winemaker Dr in Enology supervising estates like Huellas and Ponte da Boga.

The person behind Epicure is Franck Massard who started his wine career as a sommelier became best sommelier in UK in 96, received his WSET wine diploma in 1998. Passed the diploma of the Master Sommelier and practical part of the Master of wine. Later on after representing Torres winery for 8 years Franck had the chance to meet these maverick winemakers and build up with them a unique wine selection.

Why wines with attitude, to make great wines one must take risks both in the vineyard and in the winery. Planting vines in harsh conditions, steep slopes, marginal climate. In the winery take no shortcuts, select only the grapes that are irreproachable, being obsessed by quality and let the mature do its magic. These are the common factors that connects the wineries to Epicure.

-Attitude rhymes with altitude and every vineyard, every winery selected has a vocation, a point of distinction which his often linked to the high altitude, specific micro climate that closely contribute to the singular trait of the wine.

For the majority of the winemakers it is a lifetime aspiration they have dreamt about for many years, patiently masterminding their project. Identifying the unique piece of land that enables their ambition to see the light.


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  1. Hola Xabier, No miro mucho mi propio blog así que he visto tu mensaje solo ahora. Espero que te ha funcionado algo la feria.

    Un saludo,


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